Panera Bread’s new coffee subscription program offers unlimited coffee for $8.99 a month

Panera Bread has brewed up a hot proposition that’s sure to get caffeine addicts buzzing: A bottomless cup of joe. For $8.99 a month with Panera’s new coffee subscription program, get unlimited hot or iced coffee for less than the average price of five cups at the St. Louis-based fast-casual chain. One cup daily in … Read more

Switchfly Is Making a Case for Miles-Plus-Cash Loyalty Programs

Instead of lowering the number of miles required to redeem flights, airlines can get creative with flexible loyalty redemption options to encourage traveler engagement, while still driving incremental revenue, according to Switchfly. Airlines have decreased the total number of miles needed to book a rewards flight by 17% over the last five years, thus making loyalty miles … Read more

Subscription secrets from Major Brands

Subscription based loyalty model

Subscription models are popping up everywhere, from the business model that started with SaaS to streaming media, and now in consumer goods where folks are purchasing physical products on a recurring basis. “Subscription models are what enable this customer choice, because it’s an ongoing relationship,” Clark says. “We see this evolution going from one-time purchase … Read more

Quality vs. Price in retaining loyal customers

quality vs price by First Insight

Quality is becoming more important than price to most consumers, as 53 percent rate quality as the most important factor when making purchases compared to price (38 percent) according to a new report by First Insight, a technology company transforming how leading retailers make product investment and pricing decisions. The report also notes that consumer … Read more

How To Create A Customer Loyalty Program For Your BusIness

It’s one of the most cited statistics in the business playbook: 80% of your venture’s profit will come from 20% of your existing customers. Loyal customers are your most valuable customers, which is why many small business owners go above and beyond to incentivize their customers to return time after time. A loyalty program can improve … Read more

The Hoops Customers Jump Through For Loyalty

Loyal customer jumping through hoops for a reward

Blogger Dani Austin of Dallas, Texas, logged into her Southwest Airlines account a few days before the end of 2019. Shortly after, she and her husband, Jordan Joseph Ramirez, flew to Las Vegas (and back home) in less than 72 hours. The spontaneous trip was part of a last-ditch attempt to try to earn the … Read more

Why Consumers Fall In Love With Brands

Customer falling in love with brands

Falling in love with a brand requires satisfaction, gratitude, loyalty and most of all, trust. Consumers have more choices than ever before, so when it comes to falling in love with a brand these characteristics prove critical. To better understand why consumers fall in love with their favorite brands, Upland Software — which acquired Localytics … Read more


Loyalty program fraud rose 89% year on year, predominantly driven by the amount of personally identifiable information (PII) available from increasing numbers of data breaches. With direct and indirect losses from loyalty and reward points fraud estimated at $1 billion every year, enterprises are struggling to limit damage as fraud attacks shift from the point … Read more


Experiential Marketing

Anyone who’s been watching marketing industry trends over the past few years will have noticed a shift away from traditional advertising toward what some believe to be a “new” sector of marketing: experiential. A widely mentioned buzzword, “experiential marketing” is now recognized as the powerful tool it actually is—though the true definition, the reasons for … Read more

Does Your Casino Marketing Program Pass the 10 Year Test?

The 3 (glaring) reasons you’ll fail to keep customers coming back. It used to be much simpler. People had vacation spots that were their vacation spots. People had casinos that were their casinos. To keep them coming back, all you had to do was make sure they had fun. But things are different, now. People … Read more