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Meet the crew

Our mission is to help casino’s generate revenue from their players even while they are off the resort property. With a collective 60+ years of casino experience amongst our team, we know how to implement the exact turnkey strategies to earn the most from your players.

Rob Gallo

A pioneer in the gaming industry, Rob founded one of the first licensed online casinos in 1997 on the Caribbean island of Antigua. After growing to over 50 employees, enjoying many years of success, he sold the company and began to consult in the gaming space. Now 20 years after his first run, Rob created CompLinks as a way for casinos to extend their comp programs beyond their casino property, and allow their players to earn comp points while doing their everyday spending.

Frank Pracukowski

If the casino industry had yearbook, Frank would undoubtedly clinch the “Best Hair” and “Most Popular” titles. With over 25 years of experience in casino operations at Foxwoods, one of the world’s largest casinos, Frank seems to make friends everywhere he goes (not bad for drumming up business).  Not only can he talk the talk, but he has the experience to back himself up.  Frank held the position of Director of Gaming Systems prior to moving to the business development group, Foxwoods Development Company. Now, at CompLinks, Frank uses his industry prowess to get our services in every casino he can.

Melissa Blau

Melissa is at the epicenter of convergence of the online and land based gaming space. Her laser focus, attention to detail and love for numbers makes her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to iGaming. She understands what it takes to make the bottom line work and she won’t stop until it does.  Melissa has an extensive knowledge and background in operations relating to real money iGaming and Social Play for virtual currency. She has been a key participant in many large deals in the industry over the last 15+ years.

Morgan Huemmer

As the newbie of the bunch, Morgan is learning the ropes and juggling just about anything that gets thrown her way. After graduating from Quinnipiac University, Morgan and her father (Rob) decided that they wanted to start a business together and CompLinks was formed. From administrative tasks to writing content, she is helping CompLinks grow and is gaining a wealth of invaluable knowledge in the process.

Chad Gladue

A fluent speaker in nearly every coding language you can think of, Chad is an IT guru. At Foxwoods Resort & Casino, he designs and maintains databases as well as develops and maintains interfaces between third-party vendors and in-house systems. In plain English: Chad loves code, and since he write it in his spare time, he was excited to join the CompLinks team to tackle a new challenge.